It's a simple fact that we are all keeping our cars a lot longer now than we used to. In today's economy, people are not buying a new car as often as they did before.

Protect your investment, add value to your car and keep your car looking great all the time.

We Make it Easy!

Maybe you struggle to find the time to keep your car clean. You want to keep it clean and know it is a worthwhile investment but with everything that is going on in your hectic life, you just can't seem to fit a car wash into your busy schedule. The perfect solution is the Baywash Stoughton Car Care Wash Club!

The Car Care Wash Club is program that offers you unlimited automatic car washes for your vehicle at a standard monthly fee that is billed directly to your credit card account.

When you purchase a wash club membership, a ReachFree ID window tag (similar to an i-pass tm) is placed on your windshield. This pass enables your vehicle to proceed into the car wash. It is as simple as that!

Print and read this pdf file to get started.